Cynthia Mora

- FranNet

Cynthia Mora brings a unique perspective and experience to her role as a FranNet Franchise Specialist. Not only has she been involved with numerous national and international franchise companies as part of a sales and marketing career spanning twenty years, she is also a small business owner who understands the challenges of starting a business from scratch and appreciates the advantages that franchises offer. Cynthia is a consultant who assists those interested in business ownership to determine if franchising is a suitable option, and if so, to select potential franchises for evaluation that are a good fit for her client’s specific skill set, values, goals, and resources. Then, leveraging her franchise industry and business ownership experience, Cynthia guides her clients through the evaluation process, assisting them in discovering the benefits of franchise ownership while making clear the challenges and limitations. Cynthia’s job is to ensure her clients obtain all the information they need and perform the due diligence necessary to make a sound decision. There is no cost to the client for Cynthia’s services and she has built a solid reputation in Houston with a very loyal client base who see her as a trusted partner always looking out for their best interests.

Presenting in the following seminars/workshops:

  • Moderated by: Chris King, Business Advisor, Texas Gulf Coast SBDC Network

    Presented by: Tim Stanley, Business Advisor, Texas Gulf Coast SBDC Network

    Panelists: Michelle Boldon, Boldon Law Firm, PLLC and Cynthia Mora, FranNet

    When entrepreneurs decide to start a business, they often don't know where to turn for help or feel like they have to do it alone. This info-packed workshop delves into resources available when exploring the world of franchising. Attendees will gain insight into the evaluation process to help determine which franchise business is the right fit for them. Topics that will be briefly discussed include: The Franchise Profile: Competitive Advantage, Product Quality, Brand Value and Historical Data, Legal: Selecting a Franchise Lawyer, State Law, Past and Pending Court Cases, Dispute Resolutions and Removal/Termination/Transfer and Assessing the Market: Trends, Economy and Ongoing Support