Yusef Muhammad

- American Business TV

Mr. Muhammad’s work teaching millionaire entrepreneurs, multinational corporation executives and his work with government agencies has earned him the U.S. SBA Minority Small Business Champion of the Year, Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, and SCORE 10 Years of Service Award. Mr. Muhammad has transformed organizational cultures, driven growth, built capacities and created jobs

Presenting in the following seminars/workshops:

  • Presented by: Yusef Muhammad, American Business TV

    This ?straight talk? session will give insider TIPs on how 1,000?s of business owners are making $1,000,000?s growing their business. Learn how to attract capital and credit even if you?re a startup business or a growing company, learn how to scale your business like those business owners who have made Millions..INTENDED AUDIENCE Small Business Owners, C-Level Executives, CFO?s, Consultants, and Entrepreneurs. Startup and growing businesses in need of money?don?t miss this workshop! If you want to know how to build your business reputation and retain loyal customers. We?ll share insider secrets from successful executives .